Anti Cancer Drugs

Prisia Impex is exporter and supplier of wide range of branded as well as generic anti-cancer products in Mumbai, India. Our aim is to make the anti-cancer treatment affordable and available to every patient. We believe that an affordable medicine is right of every citizen.

Prisia Impex exports anticancer like Roche, BMS, MSD, Genzyme, Eli Lilly, Sanofi Aventis, J&J, Novartis, Dr.Reddy's, Natco Pharma, Cipla, Astra Zeneca etc. All the drugs are directly sourced from manufacturer, hence no chance of Counterfeit Drugs. All these products are offered with multiple company choice with variable price range making it affordable to all.

Prisia Impex exports Oncology or Anti-Cancer products across all categories like - Chemotherapy - Radiotherapy - Soft tissues & Solid Tumors. We export drugs having different drug delivery systems like liposomal - Peglated & nanotech drugs, Monoclonal Antibodies. These drugs are mainly used in the treatment of Blood - Lung - Breast - Colorectal - Liver - Gastric - Head & Neck - Pancreatic - Prostate - Cervical - Uterine - ovarian & bone Cancers. The list of anticancer products which we export ranges from entry level drugs to last available drug. Some of the drugs are Imatinib - Docetaxel - Temozolamide - Gemcitabine - Doxorubicin - Interferons (All) - Rituximab-Nimotuzumab - Filgrastim.

We supply Anti-cancer products like Herceptin, Mabthera, Neupogen, Sutent, Gleevac, Navelbine, Neulstim, Velcade, Taxol, Paraplatin, Cancidas and many more.

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